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A new way to learn!

Fonda has been teaching for the last 15 years, and through that she has learned that not every child needs a competitive environment, but rather a nuturing one, with a dynamic atmosphere and room to grow.

Growing the TNE Family

The best part of the TNE company is that it is always changing and growing. Here at TNE  we welcome everyone with open arms, beginners, to accomplished dancers. 

Join Us

Together with the TNE families, Fonda wants to extend the community around the studio. Bringing everyone together and sharing the joy, and love of dance.

Fonda Bloy


Since  young Fonda has always wanted to be a teacher. Starting at the age of 2, her love of dance grew. having an older sister who danced Fonda was always around the dance studio growing up.It was her favorite place to be. Sometimes her mom would even forget her at the dance studio (sorry mom) because she would sneak into the older girls classes to watch and learn from as many teachers as possible. Always an observer, and hoping to soak in as much as she could. From there her desire to not only become a great teacher grew but her love of dance and discipline as well. 

At 10 years old, Fonda got her first dance job with the Utah ballet. This opportunity allowed her to get to perform on the queen Elizabeth stage nightly and for a huge audience. As well as work with a professional company and see how they did things. An experience that forever shaped her love to perform. 

After this Fonda always looked for more auditions, opportunities and experiences to shape her growth. A few more successful ballet auditions under her belt, she decided to audition for the Urban Tap Company. This was an amazing journey to inspire her love of tap. Being surrounded weekly by other people who loved rhythm, and just had a complete joy for tap was an experience she will never forget. All this Fonda did while maintaining her schooling and her weekly classes at her dance studio growing up. 

From there Fonda took the leap to move studios. One being with her ballet teacher who had just opened up her own studio, and one to a prestigious dance school in Burnaby. That was when Fonda really honed in on her skills and became the dancer and teacher she is today. 

Competing in the lower mainland and abroad really allowed Fonda to experience a variety of teachers, students and atmospheres, to become the best student she could be and see the best teachers in the world. Accomplishing scholarships, trophies, outstanding awards, and a lot of other accomplishments, as great as they were, it was though those that Fonda knew she wanted to become a teacher even more. 

After years and years of teaching and gaining more knowledge thru other teachers, choreographers, trial and error and a lot of fun, Fonda has become an award winning choreographer and teacher. 

At TNE Fonda hopes to bring all her knowledge and experience to each student as they grow up with TNE.